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Best green tea drinks your way to success

July 10, 2019
Best green tea drink

Many people do not want to be in the morning if there is a cup of smoke, not a milk-tea in a dark licker. But the idea has changed. Green Tea is getting popular among everyone because of health and the variety of taste. It is better to best green tea drinks for those who drink tea

First, let’s know what is green tea?

Many people understand the green color of green tea. But what is it really? As for the common tea, it is processed as a grainy shape, but most of the green is not done. This type of processing is different from the normal type. In many cases, small caps remain.

Best green tea drinks popularity has increased gradually, considering the health benefits of other countries of the world like Japan and China. Green tea can be stored faster than other teas. This difference in green tea processing can hold the highest antioxidant. Green Tea has a type of polyphenol that helps reduce weight and is beneficial to health.

However, caffeine in this type of tea is not mentioned in most green tea brands. It is, of course, to be cautious. If someone drinks green at night unknowingly, then his peace and comfortable sleep can be minimized.

Why Green Tea Beneficial?

Many benefits of Green Tea It helps reduce weight, prevent cancer, protects against throat infection, stimulates the brain. Even if someone wants to quit smoking, Green can help with the release of it. By covering everything, Green will protect from old age and from the ballet of the forehead.

How to make green tea?

The right temperature of the water plays an important role in making the perfect green. If the water is too hot, its taste will become bitter, and it will lose its fragrance. That means tea will lose its taste and smell.

Therefore, the most suitable temperature for tea production is 75-80 degree Celsius. If you use a bag, it will take 2-3 minutes. It will take a little more time for tea leaves, 3-4 minutes.

The need to know the matter before drinking Green Tea

Commercial production started in China in the 1600s even though tea was introduced in the 1800s by the hands of the British in the subcontinent. There are currently many types of tea, green tea or green tea has proven to be very beneficial for the human body. Green contains various important nutrients including antioxidant, Vitamin A, B, B5, D, E, C, E, H cellinum, chromium, zinc, caffeine and manganese, calcium and magnesium. It is believed that about 4 thousand years ago, green tea was started in China as a medicine for headache. The study found that green tea or green tea reduces the risk of cancer of the liver, stomach, breasts, colon, and congestion of women.

Green tea helps in fat burning by increasing metabolism, which plays an important role in reducing weight. Green tea reduces the risk of heart attack by keeping blood pressure under control. Green tea is especially beneficial for kidney disease. To reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, Green is a sophisticated beverage.

Regularly green tubes relax the artery and the body has good blood flow levels. Green tea liqueurs prevent teeth corrosion and strengthen the rind. It is extremely beneficial for diabetic patients. Ultra-violet rays protect against harmful effects. If any part of the body is cut, then the leak in the affected area will stop immediately after the blood is stopped. If the harmful insect bites, the affected area is mixed with green leaves, then it is felt faster.

Green skin does not let the skin grow easily. Bernal problems are eliminated from regular green tea. Vitamin C with green tea prevents our cold cough. Greene t epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) plays an effective role in the treatment of allergy.

If you drink this tea regularly, the immune system of the human body is strong. It keeps energy and stamina in the body. Drinking green tea helps keep our digestion process normal. An important role in keeping the body in order to prevent dehydration. Regular green tea causes respiratory muscle reloading and it eliminates the problem of asthma.

Green Tea or Green Tea has many benefits, but there are some disadvantages to excessive drinking, let’s now know. Additional green tea leaves can have adverse effects on the kidneys and liver. Drinking excessive green tea reduces the amount of salt, potassium, and mineral in the human body.

Green tea is a functional ingredient for good health. Many of us have a habit of drinking tea that must be avoided. And because excessive tea leaves are damaged due to green tea or green tea, refrain from drinking more than 3 to 4 cups a day.


Green T has an antioxidant that helps slow down the aging process and helps in increasing life expectancy. To reduce the viscosity of the eye and the dark circles below the eye, green tea should be kept in two bags for two hours, close the eyes and keep it for 10 minutes. Moreover, it helps to reduce sunburn and remove blackhead. Green works as a very good toner. Medical studies have shown that green T acne problems are very useful for treatment. It cleanses the skin without any irritation or dryness on the skin.

Many people cannot eat the best green tea drinks, because of its taste. So for those who can not eat green tea, there are some tips that will help keep health well with the taste.

Those who love to eat fruit smoothies or juice, mix it with two tablespoons of green tea powder. It can be beneficial to eat the best green tea drinks every morning.

Grease or barbeque in the home, mixing the green powder with the spices prepared for meat. It will bring different variation in the taste of meat and will also play a great role in keeping the health better.

Many people like to eat pudding. You can enjoy a different taste by adding a little green powder during the time or during baking time.

Finally, finish with a recipe of fun. If you love making ice cream and eating it, then you can see the green flavored ice cream with different flavors. Taste, health will not be a problem anymore.

There are many advantages of drinking tea or green tea but in some cases, it is a little complicated. It is not good to drink excess tea or tea as much as possible. It is not good to eat green tea before or after meals. This causes digestive problems. And it is not good to eat green before going to bed. This will make you feel comfortable sleeping. So, if there are health benefits such as tea or green tea, some rules should be accepted.

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