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Green tea benefits are essential for your success.

May 29, 2019
Green tea benefits

Is there a day without tea? There is a circulation of tea in different parts of the world. There are also many different types of stories about tea origin. The most famous story is that Emperor Shenyang used to drink water in the east of 2737 BC. One day, a vessel was being poured water for Shenyang. Suddenly some pages fly in the water and then come. The color of the water changed within a few minutes. Emperor Shenang drinks water with great interest and is fascinated by its taste and smell. In a while, he became very excited. Then slowly, its reputation spread and Green tea benefits tea consumption started.

What is green tea?

Bitter taste in drinking green tea. So many who neglect this tea But green tea contains vitamins A, E, C, calcium, magnesium and various minerals. If you take regular green tea, many diseases can be avoided.

Green tea is a tea leaf useful for human health. Almost 4000 years ago, it was used as a medicine for headache in China. After this period, it started its wide circulation in Japan, Korea, and western countries. Researchers found green drugs in many diseases. It is possible to remove the 60 percent cancerous hemophilia of green tea in China. Researchers discovered that green tea cancer cells prevent reproduction. Other studies have shown that green tea reduces the number of harmful cholesterol levels in the body. The main charisma of green tea is one of the components of a strong antioxidant. The black-headed breeding power is completely destroyed,

Green tea is produced by processing the leaf in a special process. Just like the black one. It is a little trickle that has a small amount of caffeine which is not so deadly or harmful for the body like black caffeine. However, looking at the prevention of disease prevention, this irony can be easily removed. Prevention of cancer. Reduce the risk of memory loss and Parks. Reduce heart attack risk. Reduces blood cholesterol levels. Increases the amount of beneficial cholesterol. Reduce the risk of infection.

Benefits of Green Tea:

Weight Loss:

Green tea boosts metabolism. Green tea contains polyphenols which increase body oxidation. As a result, excess calories decrease and body weight decreases. If you drink green tea without regular sugar, it is possible to reduce a lot of weight. Daily consumption of 4 cups of green tea can burn excess 67 calories of the body, which is equal to 20 minutes walk. So at least 3/4 of the green tea is said to drink researchers.


It is possible to keep diabetes under control if you drink regular green tea. Green tea helps in keeping blood glucose up to date.

Heart problem:

According to scientists, green tea increases the efficiency of blood cells, keeps them loose and helps to keep blood pressure normal. Green tea prevents blood clotting and reduces the risk of a heart attack. As a result, the risk of heart problems and stroke decreased. Those who drink at least one cup of green tea a day, their risk of heart attack is 44 percent less than the others.


Various studies have found that green tea helps prevent various cancers. Green tea prevents tumor. There is no comparison of green tea to reduce the risk of prostate cancer, breast cancer, urinary tract cancer, lung cancer, and stomach cancer.


There are two kinds of cholesterol in the human body. Beneficial cholesterol and other harmful cholesterol. Regularly drinking green tea reduces the amount of harmful cholesterol in the body and increases the amount of good cholesterol. If you have cholesterol problems, you will get benefit if you regularly consume green tea.

Tooth decay:

Studies have shown that the existing chemicals of antioxidants in green tea, ‘Ketchin’, inhibit the harmful bacteria causing infections in the mouth. Due to the consumption of green tea, toxic germs are destroyed. Besides, regularly drinking green tea can reduce the smell of face.


Regular use of green tea on the skin due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity of tea is delayed. Green tea contains plenty of antioxidants. Therefore, if you drink regular green tea, the skin can be saved somewhat from the loss of burning in the sun.

Green tea is now well-known among health conscious and weight-controllers. Because its functionality has been proven many times. However, to get benefits from green tea, there are some rules to follow.

These are:

  1. Many people have a misconception, after drinking green tea after drinking, all fat will be dropped as magic. This is a complete misconception. The meat stored after the meal is not completely digested. So if you drink green tea at this time the digestive system is interrupted.
  2. If you drink extra hot tea, it does not taste any more. With that heat can cause stomach and throat to get damaged due to heat. So drink it, while the yolk is hot.
  3. Many people like to drink honey in green tea. Because it’s a healthy alternative to sugar and delicious. However, it is more likely to spoil its nutritional quality by mixing honey in hot conditions. So when honey is removed from the oven and you reach the hot conditions, honey will be mixed.
  4. Do not take medicine before and after drinking green tea. Even with this, it is not good to drink medicines. Due to the combination of the chemical ingredients of the drug, the possibility of acidity can occur.

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