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Green tea for hair, how to work the easy way

May 24, 2019
green tea

Tea is a healthy drink, it is known to all of us, the regular tea also benefits a lot in addition to refreshing our body and mind. But many of us do not know that in addition to refreshing the body, there is a lot of contribution in the form of tea saplings. Green tea is a good element for hair.

‘Green tea’ is a good source of antioxidants. It helps reduce body weight, reduce the body’s contaminated substances and reduce the risk of cancer. Many people do not know about the use of green tea in hair care. Green tea leaves have many good qualities for hair. Hair is bright and shiny using regular tea packs.

A long and silky hair means beauty enhancement. But due to rough weather, lack of care and other reasons hair is not long and thick. Many people hope to have long hair but it does not have the dream. Long hair but very little care is possible. With a little awareness and little care, you can get very fast and dense hair long hair. And so today’s writing will be the way to increase hair using green tea for you. Green tea does not work extraordinary for the skin, but it will do extraordinary work to care for your hair.

The use of green tea is of multiple uses. The caffeine, anti-oxidant, anti-aging, anti-inflammatory components of tea have a great role to play in skin and hair care.

Let’s see if there is a way to increase the use of green tea

As a conditioner:
Take two bags in a cup of hot water and mix it with two tablespoons of coconut oil and one tablespoon honey. Wait for 25 to 30 minutes after mixing this mixture and then wash it with hot water.

For broken hair and shiny hair:
Many hair breaks. Black curry liqueurs can protect them from this problem. Whose hair is not bright; They will also get rid of this problem using tea lickers.

In both cases, the tea lickers have to be kept 10 minutes in the hair. Then shampoo hair will be cleaned well.

You can also make a conditioner with tea leak for hair brightness. Boil the tea leaves and heat it. Use as a conditioner with chilled lemon juice. Regular use of hair will shine.

To clean hair:
Hairstyles can be made to get healthy hair, a cleaner solution for hair. Mix three tablespoons of lemon juice with three cup green teas at normal temperature. If you want someone to mix with one tablespoon lemon essential oil. You can use this mixture regularly for better results.

To prevent hair fall:
Tea liqueur works in the prevention of hair loss and hair growth. Tea leaves should be chilled by boiling water. After this, the spray of hair and hair should be sprayed. Regular hair loss will decrease and hair growth will be better.

For the control of dandruff and hair growth:

Soak two bags in a cup of hot water and let it cool. Then break an egg into it and mix it well. If you want to thicken the mixture, you can mix one tablespoon powder green tea. Wait for 25 to 30 minutes after mixing this mixture and then wash it. Regular use of it will solve hair dandruff problems.

For black hair:
Many people start to grow hair at an early age. You can use tea leak to get rid of this problem. If you want to get black color on ripe hair, mix the hear juice with the tea leaves. Keep this pack on the hair and keep half an hour. Wash the hair thoroughly after shampooing dry hair.

Green tea:
Everybody knows more about the health benefits of green tea. Today, knowing how to get healthy hair is available in the use of green tea. The antioxidant components of the green areas beneficial as possible for the hair effective hairstyles. Green tea prevents hair follicles so that it increases the chances of hair becoming longer. Green tea also helps to prevent hair fall and to produce new hair.

Method of using Green Tea:
Green tea is known to make more than everyone. Green tea is available in the market. First, make Green Tea. Many people have honey or sugar in green tea. But do not give sugar or honey to the green tea for fair use. Take a cup of green tea with a cup of light and apply the whole hair. Apply hair well to the top. Put on for 1 hour. Then wash the hair with cold water.

Reduce hair loss and increase hair glow:
Keep 3 cups of hot water in a hot water for 4 cups of green tea. When it is cool, pour tea in a clean empty spray bottle. Before bathing, spray the tea at the beginning of the hair, and after half an hour, wash the hair in a normal routine. Regular use of green hair reduces hair loss, removes hairstyles of hair and shakes hair.

So today, make a habit of drinking at least one cup of green tea every day. And add skin and hair care routines and green tones, and make hair and skin healthy, Shayne and glowing.

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