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The best green tea drink

April 19, 2019

Various types of tea are available in the market. Such as red, black, yellow and green tea. Green tea is made from similar tea leaves, why its name is green tea because green tea like other tea leaves is not processed. For this reason, it is known as the best green tea drink.

Why green tea is the best drink

Green tea benefits our body in different ways. Green tea helps prevent disease in our body. We can also use green tea as the best beverage because green tea like other tea does not drink.

How to make green tea?

The right temperature of the water helps to make a cup of green tea. If the water is hot, tea will lose its taste and tea taste will become bitter. Therefore, the exact temperature of green tea is 75 to 80 degrees Celsius. If the bag is used, water will be increased from 2 to 3 minutes.

Benefits of Drinking Green Tea

1. Prevention of cancer: In the study, daily consumption of green tea decreases the risk of cancer in the body. Because green tea contains polyphenols called antioxidants which protect the body tissue. The main cause of cancer is the increase in body tissues. Drinking green tea helps in protecting the body tissue.

2. Reduces belly fat: We all know that green tea helps to reduce weight. Every morning, after mixing one cup of green tea with one cup of green tea, after a few days, you can understand the difference itself. Because of this, green tea is being used as the best drink.

3. Filling water deficits: If you have a habit of drinking less water, practice drinking a cup of green tea daily, your body will lack water.

4. Dental Benefits: Green tea prevents bacteria. By drinking green tea, all the bacteria in the mouth protect the teeth from the mouth.

Drinking green tea is as good as it is, its taste and fun. So if you have to drink tea then drink green and drink it. Green tea is the best drink as well as the benefits of self-reliance.

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