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The best green tea face wash is how to work

May 17, 2019
best green tea face wash

If we do not have a cup of tea in the morning, our days are not good. In the morning breakfast or afternoon guests cannot be considered without tea. Green tea has become very popular today. Everyone knows about the health status of green tea. Reduce weight, help in preventing cancer, preventing heart attack, and also helps in reducing diabetes. Not only the quality of health, but this tea also has many beautiful qualities too.
According to experts, skin protection, dermatology, and green tea are very effective in beauty practice. Highly effective substances in green tea as a face wash. Because green tea has an enormous amount of antioxidant that prevents skin-to-age growth. The green tea face wash is very effective in protecting the skin from the harmful effects of sunlight, to protect against skin burns. Acne is always prone to oily skin. So this type of skin needs extra care. Bacterial infections on oily skin are high. Green tea is very effective in oily skin care.

How to make green tea face wash?

Green tea face wash packs are useful for our skin. It is natural because it can be made at home. Let’s know how we can make it home.


Green tea, Multani soil, aloe vera, honey, etc.


By using it in different ways we can make our skin more refreshing. Some methods were discussed below.

As cleanser :

With a facial or a cleanser you can use one tablespoon of green tea mixed with five minutes of the face. After that, the face will be washed thoroughly with cold water.

After making tea, green tea leaves are dry in the sun and mixed with little honey as a scab in your skin, your skin will be softer than ever before.

The use of green tea as a facial:

Green tea with hot water in half an hour, after frying the cold, take a glass of pot and mix it with pink, glycerine, allover juice. After that, the mixture will be filled in a bottle filled with refrigerated. After washing the face, this toner with the face and throat of the face will increase the blood circulation on the skin will be more bright.

One tablespoon of mustard, one egg white, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of groundnut paste, and a taste of tea with lime will be made. The face of this paste, neck, neck, and neck. If dry, then massage must be washed. You will see the brightness of the skin increases many times.

One banana, one teaspoon of green tea, one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of honey mixed with a mixture and it will be removed after drying. It works as a very good moisturizing mask for dry skin.

Green tea and cucumber juice:

1 teaspoon of green tea leaves
1 piece cucumber

Methods and uses:

First of all, take half a cup of hot water in green tea with water. Tea is actually made by a piece of gold in it. The blend should be done in green tea blender, along with granule pieces. You can also mix groceries and green tea. It should be kept on the skin for 10 minutes. Then wash it with water. It can be used on the skin every day. You can save an additional amount of frozen. It will help to maintain the flexibility of the skin.

Lemon, rice molasses and green tea face pack:
2 green tea bags
1 tablespoon rice powder
1 lemon

Methods and uses:

Mix green tea with rice powder and mix well. The lemon juice will be mixed in slightly thicker. If you want, add one spoon honey to it. Now put it on the face and neck. After 15 minutes, wash with water. It works quite well as the default. This pack will increase the brightness of the skin immediately.

Green works better as a deodorant to eliminate sweat odor. After bathing, the stench will be removed after cold green tea underarm. Likewise, if you follow the same procedure to remove the stomach, then you will get good results.

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