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The best way to green tea for skin and our health

May 3, 2019

What is green tea?

Green tea is a type of tea that is made from Camellia Sinensis leaves. Green tea is not made in a chemical process like other tea leaves. The British started their first tea journey. After that China started commercially producing tea There are currently many types of tea. Green tea has become more popular day by day because green tea is proven to be useful for the human body. Green tea contains various types of nutrition in addition to Vitamin A, B, B5, Antioxidant, Selenium, Chromium, Zinc.

Why do we drink green tea?

Green tea is very prevalent for the human body and skin. Green tea has the ability to prevent disease. In China four thousand years ago, green was used as a medicine for headache. Green tea reduces the risk of pancreatic cancer due to the use of skin.

How green tea is made:

The green tea that we use every day is made from the same leaf, but no chemical is used to make green tea. Usually, green leaves are taken from the tea gardens and they are processed and processed through the machine and sold in the market.

How does green tea benefit the skin?

We all know about nutritional green tea. We drink green tea every day to keep the body and skin beautiful. But many of us do not know how much green tea bags can be used for you. With this, we can practice skin differently. Green tea, in particular, is very useful for human skin.

Different ways to use green tea:

Can use green tea in different ways. It is basically used in a domestic way. We can make use of its use in the house. Let’s know the ways.

  1. Eye use:
    After making the green tea, do not leave the T-Bag and refrigerate some time while cooling down on your eyes and it will show around your eyes. You will also be shown to be fresh because of green tea and tannin and aesthetic components are very good for the skin.
  2. Use as the scraps:
    Green tea helps keep the skin fresh, so you can make the scab with green tea. Green tea can be mixed with a little water and sugar, which can be made of scraps that are natural. Which means your skin will be more refreshing as a result.
  3. Use a face mask:
    Small baking soda and honey mixed with green tea can be used for making a paste. Which will moisturize your skin If you do not want to use this mask, give it a green tea with hot water, then after tea on your skin, after the tea chase, massage your skin? After some time your skin will be more refreshing.

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