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Which drink is better: black tea or coffee?

August 28, 2020
Black Tea or Coffee?

Black tea is very different from coffee despite having a few qualities that are alike in some ways (such as the rich dark color that flows in the drink), and vice versa. Each drink has distinctive flavors, make, and benefits (amongst other things).

Now a clear differentiation from the two would be their source of origin. Black tea is a variation of a specific plant leaf called the Camella Sinensis (all tea types come from this plant, the only difference is that each kind goes through a different process), while coffee comes from beans.

If you were to check which beverage is healthier for regular intake, then tea (more so when you drink green tea or white tea) would certainly outweigh coffee. Although a cup of black tea also has high levels of caffeine just like coffee, it will still come out with lesser amounts when compared to coffee (just about half of what coffee has).

Now if you really want to see a distinction between the two drinks, you can read through the list below:

The health benefits that tea provides (in general) – drinking tea helps your immune system to toughen up. Apart from that, tea can also help you loose weight in a healthy manner; and can also help improves the look of your skin. Other than that, drinking tea can also help lessen your risks of experiencing high-blood pressure, certain cancers and heart disease.

The health benefits that coffee provides (in general) – Aside from helping fight off certain diseases (such as cancer and type 2 diabetes) just like tea, it also helps prevent tea-drinkers from getting strokes. Aside from that, coffee also helps protect the liver.

Aside from measuring the caffeine levels, black tea also has more antioxidants (such as flavonoids, catechins, and polyphenols) than regular coffee has.

Although black tea may have more caffeine than any other type of tea (as it also tastes heavier compared to tea’s that have lesser oxidations), it can certainly help in keeping you alert too, just like coffee.

It is a fact that when a beverage contains caffeine, it will most certainly help in enhancing ones alertness and productivity. So if you want to experience complete attentiveness, then you can choose to drink coffee. Drink in moderation though, as taking four or more cups in a day may cause your blood to shoot up!

But if you were given a chance to choose which one (after the comparisons), what will you pick? You may want to try each one first to see the difference.

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